Summer 2016

Summer is flying by and the more one tries to accomplish the slower one becomes. Maybe that's what summer is really about; slowing down. Those of use that lucky enough to escape the city heat do so, leaving the rest of us with a respite from the crowds. And yet, it can feel lonely, strange but true. Despite it all, I have done a lot of  reorganization of my life and career. This summer I worked with Aleta Chappelle and took part in her Acting for Film  workshop. And I also started retraining as a voice coach and singer at a wonderful center called the New York Voice Center. It's awesome and so are the instructors. In the coming weeks I look forward to working on my acting reel; writing, directing and I'll be meeting with Judy Henderson who is casting Homeland. In the meantime check out my weekly sunset pictures, each one as unique and as wonderful as you are. XO