Fall and cool weather

I don't know about you but I tend to rev up during the fall. The crisp air inspires me to finish up all the projects I committed to finish. It's been a year of major life lessons and professional ups and downs, but, I wouldn't have it any other way. Stay focused, enjoy the cool air and live as loud as you can today! xo.

Happy Fall 2016

Tonight is the Super moon, bringing lots of energy and renewed spiritual energy to the earth. I have had a super year full of travel, learning, ups and downs and making strides in my careers. Many things and people have been gently let go and others embraced. I've spend time in reflection and setting new goals, one of them is making new friends. No matter our success we need humanity in our lives otherwise life just seems like work. 

I am currently working on a mini-musical and super excited to bring it to my fans and new audiences, stay tuned and thanks for your continued support.

Happy Fall! 

Music Heals...

The annual Tony awards were an amazing display of diversity and solidarity. It was great seeing many of my colleagues perform and win Tony's for their hard work and dedication in theater. What was even grander was their acknowledgment of the tragedy that occurred in Orlando, Florida this weekend. Fifty people were killed and fifty-three others were critically wounded in the biggest massacre in U.S. history. Let's continue to create music, plays, songs and stories so that the nation can heal. Prayers and condolences to all the families and friends that lost a loved one...

Thanks to my Go-Funders

I've been reflecting on how amazing my music education experience in Spain was last fall. And I am sending humble thanks to all of my Go-Funders that contributed to the campaign. Thank you for believing in me, this year is going to be full of new music and performances. Your support made it happen and your campaign gifts are in the mail (: